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Pill Head

a memoir by Joshua Lyon
Jul 26

Moving on

Hi, I’m finding it hard to keep updating different blogs, so if you have any Pill Head related questions, it’s best to reach me through the Contacts section on this site, or you can find updates about the book on Facebook.

Thank you so much for all the kind support I’ve gotten from people who have found me here. It’s impossible to communicate what it means to me. If you came here looking for help, that first step is the hardest - and you’ve already taken it.

xxxoo Joshua

Aug 10

My New Favorite Pill Boxes

Clover has been in retirement for years, but I’m getting sick of hauling around the few things I still need to take in an ugly, days-of-the-week plastic pill box. I can’t decide between these two I found on Etsy - kittens, or the random plushie sex scene from The Shining. There’s also a beautiful octopus one, shown below. Maybe I’ll just buy all three and rotate them according to occasion. I’m sure the ghost-of-plushies-past option will end up being appropriate someday, somewhere. Right?? These things happen.

Jul 20
Jul 09
Jul 07

NYC’s “largest” pill dealer busted

My question is, how do they KNOW these guys were the city’s largest distributors? It’s not like there’s been a shortage of product since this bust (from what I hear).


May 11


Here’s the cover of the paperback, which will be out around June 23. That’s the brilliant Chris Garneau modeling. We tried a bunch of different shots, including some where he held various pills in his hand. Later that night, he discovered that a Suboxone had slipped inside his boot. Accidental drug traffic by foot!

Apr 21
Mar 22

Truly Clueless. And sad.

Pharmacist owner Eddie Bubar said he cut off Brittany Murphy, her mother Sharon and husband Simon Monjack four months before Murphy’s death in December.

"We thought there was going to be an accident there," he told TMZ.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/03/21/2010-03-21_brittany_murphys_pharmacist_we_thought_there_was_going_to_be_an_accident.html#ixzz0iwNVeTzs

Mar 16

Jewelry Box (of Drugs!)

I’m torn about this ad. On the one hand, I think it’s a really smart way to get parents to look at things realistically, but I also hate how it could potentially breed suspicion and tempt parents to go rummaging through their kids’ stuff. The only time that’s ok in my book is if a parent already has some sort of other evidence that points to their child having a problem.


Gossip Girl!

Anyone else following Gossip Girl’s pill subplot? Little J started dealing, and turned the paillettes on this coat into tiny little pill boxes so that Serena could unknowingly smuggle the drugs into a state dinner. I heard LJ threw down a big bag of pills last night, but my cable has been out so I missed it.